Worship begins at 10:00 a.m. and usually lasts 75-90 minutes.

On Sunday evenings, we gather for a time of prayer, singing and classes for all ages.

Beginning at 5:30 p.m., we spend time singing and praying with and for each other during a time of family worship. Afterwards, we split up into classes for all ages and afterward enjoy a time of fellowship.

A nursery is available during all classes and services for children under three.

The Lord has recently blessed us with a new church building.

Immanuel Reformed Presbyterian Church 
1893 E 600 N 
West Lafayette, IN 47906


For the glory of Christ and the good of his kingdom – that’s why we’re here. This means our highest duty and greatest joy is worshipping our Creator and Redeemer. Nothing we are or do takes precedence over this truth: that we were created and redeemed in order to worship God.

But why are we here – why this church in this city? We’re here because we’re convinced that the city and the people of West Lafayette belong to their Creator God and that Christ has much glory to gain from expanding His kingdom here. West Lafayette is a college town of close to 30,000, a number which more than doubles during the academic year. It is a city steeped in intellectual prowess and pride – a city that, more than most, has incredible opportunities to reach the whole world. But it’s also a city that lacks a clear, Biblical witness for the doctrines of grace.

While sometimes frustrated with certain prevailing sins, we love West Lafayette and want to see it brought into the service and worship of our King. We trust there are many of God’s elect here and we pray He will use us to gather them into the kingdom. We also believe there are many who are longing for a church that proclaims and practices the Word of God with warmth and clarity and conviction.


Like you, our name tells part of our story. 


Immanuel is one of Jesus’ names and means “God with us.” This is the heart of IRPC: by faith we are united to Christ and through Him, we are with God. Our union with Christ informs and powers everything we do – it’s why we can worship God, it’s how we can worship God. It’s why we are so bold to call others to be with us, not because we are any wiser or stronger or more attractive than others, but because Christ is with us.


Reformed is both about our history and our beliefs. Because of what we believe the Bible teaches, we gladly line up with the reformers and reformation of the 16th century. Most simply, being reformed means that everything we are, do and believe must be founded in God’s Word and done for His glory alone.


Presbyterian is about the structure of our church. Practically, it means our church is guided and led by a group of elders and overseen by a larger group of churches called a presbytery. We hate church politics as much as the next guy but we do love being Presbyterian. It means we are freed to follow Christ rather than any one man. It means we are protected from tyranny our elders and the presbytery that oversees them. And though never perfect, the leadership and care of our elders is a regular reminder and picture of our Good Shepherd.


Church is a wonderfully loaded term. We are the body of Christ, those called from darkness into light, a city set on a hill, and so on. Perhaps it’s easiest to simply say that we have been made a family by God and we seek to live the gospel we preach.

Like you, our name doesn’t tell the whole story. If you take the bold step of visiting, you’ll find an imperfect group of people, struggling to walk by faith, struggling to love each other with Jesus’ love, struggling to show others that same love. We don’t mind being weak because it lets Jesus shine through. You’ll find a lot of little kids, who are some of our greatest blessings from God. You’ll find a church family centered on the Bible-reading, studying, memorizing, singing and preaching it.